I havent missed an episode of Ugly Betty, that Tv show rocks! I like the idea of the ugly duckling in the superficial world of fashion. The show give a lot of hope to other people that can feel missplaced. According to Dlisted Posh will play herself in two episodes of the show. I look forward to that since I completely love her and she is such a fashion icon around the globe. That show is made for her. Don't miss the show!


Finally it's friday! And the first week on my new job has come to an end. God I'm so exhaused all the new impressions and people. I feel like I wanna sleep the entire weekend. I work as a transportleader and it’s kind off complicated when you don’t know a thing about lorrys. But I’m eager to learn so I hope that wont be an issue =)
The best thing so for on the new job is that we have 3 dogs in the office, one is a pitbull. Totally cute!! When I have some sparetime I love to pet them.
Hope all of you will get the weekend you deserve =)



I've been to my very first football game today. Wow that shit was sooo fun! And I'm not even a football fan but watching football live was a totaly different story. Our team won which is HIF and Henke Larsson is the star! He's played in Celtic and Barcelona and is now back with his original team.


My kittens!

Last thursday my beautiful persian cat gave birth to 4 cute babys! I've never seen anything as cute as them!

Would'nt you agree?

I hope all of them will survive. But it's gonna be sooo difficult to sell the babys. I wish they will open there eyes soon so they can run around and play.
(Maybe not the best pic in the world =)


I've been cleaning the basement the entire day! There were a million spiders down there so I got a bit crazy! Lucky me there's vacuum cleaners!
It's almost done just a few hours tomorrow, perfect thing to do when it's raining.



I love the summer! We are lucky to have all the seasons here in Sweden but when the fall and winter is dark and rainy you can't wait until the sun is shining. I had 2 weeks vacation and bought a Atv. Me and K went to a perfect island (Öland) and explored it on the Atv. A lot of fun!!
The rocks closer to the water is filled with fossils! It's amazing how that's preserved.

I'm back


It's been a while since I posted something on the blog. I lost my inspiration but now I'll try to update often. My goal is to do so every day!
Hope you like the stuff on my blog!

Have a nice day everyone =)


Going Skiing

I'm leaving for vacation tomorrow morning! I'm going skiing in the north of Sweden. It's going to be sooo nice to leave home for a whole week and do something else. Me and my boyfriend is travelling with my parents and my brother so it will be a bit crowded in the car, we will drive for 10 hours, puhh...
Off curse I will show you pics from my Holiday when I'm home again or if I can find a Internet Cafe.
So see ya next week ;-)


Lovely Grey

I haven’t been blogging for a couple off days because my internet has been screwed up! I was surfing around and found these fancy grey clothes. Silver Grey will be a big hit this spring, Louis Vuitton has a lot of it in there Cruiser Collection.

I could definitely picture me in the Jersey Dress from Marc Jacobs. And the sweater would be first-class on a cosy Sunday. And I’m totally in love with the empire line dress from Pink Soda, absolutely a must-have!


My dream dress!

Finally, my LBD is here! 100% silk and a lot of volume! I bought it on H & M, the dress went out of stock immediately so I thought that the race was done. But a few weeks later the dress turned up on the site again and I didn''t hesitate for one second!


White shirt H & M
Pink Cardigan Stockholm
Jeans Diesel
Bag Lacoste


Only the best is good enough for The Capricorn , but she isn’t amused by paying a lot of money on a garment. The clothing budget is limited- “the money should last for other things as well”.
When the Capricorn dresses in a business suit, she is spot on! It should be simple and nice and no silly high heels! You can wear the black jacket to everything according to the Capricorn.

The Capricorn is no fashionista, she fancy classical cut garment. So trying different looks and outfits is a big no-no for her.
When it comes to jewellery the Capricorn flashes the wallet- her motto is “Diamonds are a girls best friend”.
She doesn’t put a lot of effort on the physical appearance- The Capricorn has better stuff to do!

Wear jeans to lighten up the “office look”. I love these jeans!
Low ballerinas in metallic should fit the Capricorn this spring.
This cute shirt is a perfect buy, that highlights your waist.
The classic tunic will look just right after work.


White Top
Grey Dress
Pantyhose H & M
Handcuffs Necklace



Why is it so hard to wake up in the morning? I haven't even heard the alarm go of tree days in a row. So I've been at least 1 hour late every single morning. I've tried everything, placing the alarm clock across the room so I have to get out of bed to turn it off, ending up falling asleep again. I've hidden the alarm under the bed and I'm using 3 different alarms that starts 5 minutes apart... Nothing helps!

I will gladely try every tip you have!


Shirt Gossip
Cardigan Gina Tricot
Shorts Oasis
Pantyhose H & M
Shoes Attitude



Active Endeavors got sale on a lot of delicious items! I really, really want this casual dress that you can mix and match with pretty much every thing! Wear it with a turtleneck, shirt, a tee…
But since I’ve given my self a total ban of buying anything else this month I guess that I miss out on this fancy dress L

If you find something that isn’t on sale just type in “luckymag” at checkout to get 20% off all non sale items!


Really cute and feminine shoes! You get the feeling being in a candy store when you visit their site and you just want to get these yummy shoes and bags. They even got a bag that looks like a chocolate box!


I’m going skiing with my darling K and my parents in a couple of weeks so therefore I needed a new skiing outfit. I bought this Esprit jacket with matching pants to keep me worm in the ski slopes. The only thing remaining to complete the outfit is a fancy woolly hat and gloves. Haven’t found any that I like yet…
If you have any suggestions please let me know!

I haven’t been skiing for the last 4 years so it’s exiting to see if I can stand on the skis without falling on my bum all the time ;-)


Shirt Gossip
Sweater H & M
Skirt Bon'A parte
Pantyhose H & M
Shoes Bon'A parte


So Happy

Ohh, I’m so happy! I found these fancy 3D paintings for my walk-in-closet today when I wasn’t even looking for it! They just stared at me in the shop and I felt a sudden must have!!
So they will fit perfectly in my closet when I’ve decided where to put them.

The thing with my closet is that I can’t decide were to place the mirrors and paintings. I should show you how it looks right now so you could help me come up with ideas, I’ll probably do that tomorrow…


Brown Shirt H&M
Cardigan H & M
Skirt H & M
Shoes Attitude


Details are so important. Both Cloé and Prada have decorated their garments with rosettes in their spring collection. It’s so cute, I will definitely go with this trend. I want a belt and shoes with rosettes that I can wear to any outfit.


Since we’re probably not going to get any snow this year I think it’s time to get in touch with the spring spirit. This spring I’ll wear a lot of dresses and tunics mainly because I’m quiet tired of wearing jeans all the time and you can’t ignore the fact that wearing a dress is really comfy ;-)



It’s dangerous to surf around looking for inspiration… There is so much out there that I want! Suddenly you see the perfect accessories or the nicest dress that would look so good on you.

And they’ve got sale on almost every online shop out there. Too bad I don’t have any money left to spend on clothes this month. But a girl can dream, can’t she?

I would love walking around in this Juicy Couture outfit just doing nothing and still look fab. The dress from Marc by Marc Jacobs, my next dress purchase? I wish!!!


Top Gina Tricot
Jeans Yes
Stiletto Shoes Attitude